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Our Story

Huskemaw Optics revolutionized long range hunting with their custom turret-reticle system with patented windage-enabled technology, allowing the average hunter to accurately double their effective range.

What Sets Us Apart

The three components to Huskemaw technology that are patented and set us apart from all other scope companies are the ballistic turret(s), the ballistic reticle, and the online TrueBC calculator and data collection process. All three work together as a system for “doping the wind”. DOPE = Data On Previous Engagement. Windage compensation is one of the most, if not THE most important factor to take into consideration for long range shooting. This is what makes our scope long range, and not a regular scope.

The Heart of Huskemaw

The heart of the Huskemaw scope is the RFBC Turret. These turrets, used in conjunction with the Huskemaw Hunt Smart Reticle, provide an unbeatable combination in shooting technology. Patented interlocking dual-stack turrets can be engraved for different bullets/loads, continuous revolutions for extremely long range shooting, MOA, meters or a blend of the above. So, essentially one dual-stack turret can handle shooting environments ranging from 4000’ to 12,000’ and temperatures of 10 to 70 degrees.

Huskemaw scopes are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and durable enough to handle large-magnum calibers. These top-quality optics are both waterproof and shockproof. Planning a hunt in some of the most extreme conditions? The Huskemaw Optics lineup can meet the challenge! But should it ever be needed, all Huskemaw rifle scopes come with a lifetime warranty.

About Us

Huskemaw stands out from the competition with patented innovative technology. This technology offers precision accuracy in a simple, easy-to-use setup. Anyone shooting at extended to long range distances in hunting conditions without windage compensation is just guessing. 

Our flagship 5-20×50 Blue Diamond scope is the first and only rifle scope built specifically to take advantage of a long range hunting situation with patented TrueBC, the Rapid Field Ballistic Compensator (RFBC) dual-stack interlocking turrets (US Patent 9,366,502), and the simple yet powerful windage compensating reticle (US Patent 8, 365, 455) that all work in tandem to
eliminate the guess.

Our system was the first to incorporate an online process that utilizes proven drop data to determine TrueBC and to correct velocity for the most precise yardage and windage enabled turrets on the market (US Patent 9,915,503 B2) that is specifically matched to the load(s) of your rifle.

Game Changing Scopes

The first riflescope Huskemaw Optics rolled out and the one that revolutionized long range hunting.
The Huskemaw 4-16×42 is the most versatile magnification available in our lineup and perfect for most hunting calibers.
The Huskemaw 1-6×24 is the most versatile compact scope in the industry as a true one-power scope for quick acquisition.
The newest addition to the Huskemaw Tactical Series lineup is the next evolution in long range optics.
The highest magnification Huskemaw Optic in the lineup and another revolutionary product in long range hunting.
The 4×40 Crossbow Scope from Huskemaw is a fixed-power scope that features a calibrated Arrow Drop Compensator.

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