How to Order Your Turret

Step 1 - properly mount your scope

Step 2 - print range card and collect your data

Step 3 - determine environmental conditions of your hunting area

The reason our systems are so accurate is because the turret is calibrated to a specific load in a specific rifle to a specific air density.  Air density is calculated with altitude and temperature.  If you've been to this area before, then knowing this information shouldn't be difficult, but if you haven't, then Google Maps and an almanac will help.  Here are some suggested turret calibrations:

  • Rocky Mountains of Colorado: Avg Altitude: 8,000 ft.; Avg Temperature: 30°F
  • Hill Country of west Texas: Avg Altitude: 2,000 ft; Avg Temperature: 80°F
  • Mountains of Kyrgyzstan for Marco Polo Sheep: Avg Altitude: 10,000 ft.; Avg. Temperature: 10°F

Step 4 - purchase your turret

Blue RFBC Turret


Black RFBC Dual-Interlocking



Blue RFBC Dual-Interlocking



Dual-Interlocking 5-30 RFBC



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Huskemaw Optics revolutionized long range hunting with their custom turret-reticle system with the  patented wind hold technology, allowing the average hunter to accurately double their effective range.

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