Every Huskemaw Scope Turret is Customized to Your Rifle, Hunting Environment, Ballistics & Load Data


Also comes with V bracket. Adjusts from 11 inches to 45 inches.
Includes V bracket. Adjusts from 7 1/4 inches up to 24 inches.
Huskemaw Leather Head Shooting Rest will work on Huskemaw Guide-Pod and Prone-Pod.
The fastest, easiest way to adjust the height of your shooting sticks with one hand.
Huskemaw Sticks Pistol Grip Head Adaptor for use with spotting scopes and cameras.
Extra or replacement six-inch center post for Huskemaw Guide-Pod or Prone-Pod.
Versatile and compact, this scope is an excellent option for tactical, law enforcement and sport shooters.

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