Every Huskemaw Scope Turret is Customized to Your Rifle, Hunting Environment, Ballistics & Load Data

Tactical Hunter 5-20×50 Riflescope

The newest addition to the Huskemaw Tactical Series lineup is the next evolution in long range optics. It incorporates the patented TrueBC®, the Rapid Field Ballistic Compensator (RFBC) Turret and the simple yet powerful wind compensating reticle (US Patent 8365455). The 34 mm main tube, 50 mm objective lens, internal bubble level and illuminated reticle make the 5-20×50 Tac Hunter an outstanding choice for big game hunters and long range shooting enthusiasts. It also includes special features for the big-game hunter: Ballistic compensation and parallax adjustments are easily made without breaking shooting position and the German F2 Schott glass creates a bright, clear image for high magnification and low-light use.


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