Long-Range Shooting, Simplified.

The first and most trusted long-range hunting optic on the market, Huskemaw Optics account for wind and distance with a single data-verified RFBC turret.


Internal Bubble Level, German Schott Glass and Custom Data in a nearly indestructible package.
Dial in Yards

No Holdovers. Range an elk at 800 yards? Dial to 800 yards. Remove the Guesswork.

Exact Wind Hold

Custom ballistic and environmental data give you an EXACT wind-hold. Every Time.

Customized Precision

Every optic turret is customized with your ballistics, temperature, elevation, bullet data, and more.

Customize Your Turret
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Windage compensation is one of the most, if not THE most important factor to take into consideration for long range shooting. Huskemaw has scientifically developed and patented the system that simplifies shooting over long distances windy conditions. U.S. Patent 8365455

Simplifying Distance & Wind Maximizes Your Effective Range
Blue Diamond

Huskemaw's primary optic that revolutionized long range hunting. It incorporates the ballistic compensating turret with HuntSmart reticle.

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Excellent option for tactical, law enforcement and sport shooters, but also makes a great choice for hunters in demanding environments.

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Shoot with precision out to 150 yards with the Arrow Drop Compensator (ADC) turret to precisely match the trajectory of high-speed crossbows.

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TrueBC® Calculator

Enter your bullet data, temperature, elevation, ballistic coefficient & more and let Huskemaw's patented system put all of the data at your fingertips.
Blue Diamond Lens Coating

High-density, multi-coated lenses for superior clarity and durability.

Guaranteed Extreme Durability

Heavy-duty one-piece aircraft aluminum body for ultimate durability.

Superior Light Transmission

Multi-coated lenses for superior light gathering, transmission, and management.

The Best Long-Range Optics, Ever....Period
The HUSKEMAW Advantage can make you a better long-distance shooter than you've thought possible.

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Guaranteed for LIFE. Guaranteed to PERFORM.

Huskemaw scopes are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and durable enough to handle large-magnum calibers.