Long range shooting, simplified.

Double your effective range and shoot with confidence with the Huskemaw Long Range Advantage.

The Huskemaw Long Range Advantage represents the most accurate and fastest long- range firing solution in optics.

Our innovative Huskemaw Long Range Advantage is game-changing

We believe everyone can become a proficient long range shooter.

That’s why we introduced our revolutionary turret-reticle system with patented windage-enabled technology.

We customize our optics to your ammo and hunting conditions to ensure your success at distances you’ve only imagined.

There’s never been a better time to prepare for your next adventure.

Only Huskemaw Optics feature our custom turret-reticle system with patented windage-enabled technology.

Extreme durability

Heavy-duty one-piece aircraft aluminum body for ultimate durability.

Blue diamond lens coating

High-density, multi-coated lenses for superior clarity and durability.

Superior light transmission

Multi-coated lenses for superior light gathering, transmission, and management.

Patented Turret Technology

Custom turret-reticle system featuring patented windage-enabled technology and interlocking turrets for limitless versatility.

precision Machined

Fogproof, shockproof, and waterproof construction with Titanium internal springs for unequaled tracking.

Bedded lenses

Grooved and bedded lenses with proprietary adhesive for maximum recoil tolerance.

We’re hunters.

We understand how important shot confidence is when the moment of truth presents itself. Choosing to stand down as the trophy of a lifetime passes just outside your effective shooting range can be the difference between the hunt of a lifetime or a memory that haunts you for years to come.

And, blowing the shot because of miscalculated range or wind adjustments is one of the most gut-wrenching moments a hunter will ever face.

We’re also engineers.

Our product designers live and breath long range shooting and precision manufacturing. And, they’ve combined their expertise and passion to offer you the world’s best sporting optic.

Find The Perfect Scope

The first riflescope Huskemaw Optics rolled out and the one that revolutionized long range hunting.
The Huskemaw 4-16×42 is the most versatile magnification available in our lineup and perfect for most hunting calibers.
The Huskemaw 1-6×24 is the most versatile compact scope in the industry as a true one-power scope for quick acquisition.
The newest addition to the Huskemaw Tactical Series lineup is the next evolution in long range optics.
The highest magnification Huskemaw Optic in the lineup and another revolutionary product in long range hunting.
The 4×40 Crossbow Scope from Huskemaw is a fixed-power scope that features a calibrated Arrow Drop Compensator.

Mount a Huskemaw on your accurized rifle today and become the long range hunter you’ve been dreaming of.