Huskemaw Optics TrueBC® Calculator

Follow These Easy Steps to Achieve the Huskemaw Long-Range Advantage:


Step 1
Mount your Huskemaw scope on an accurate rifle. The scope will come with a generic data collection turret.

Step 2
Complete the Information Card supplied with your scope and then use this information to fill out the online form below. Print your Range Card.

Step 3
Go to the range, collect and record shooting data info on your Range Card.

Step 4
Using data collected from the range, visit the Turret Page and order your customized turret.
Enter code: CUSTOMTURRET to receive a free turret with a scope purchase.

Step 5
Once you receive your custom turret, replace the original data collection turret and adjust the zero index ring.

Step 6
Go have a successful hunt with the Huskemaw Long-Range Advantage!

Dual Stack Blue Diamond RFBC Turret - Huskemaw Optics, LLC - Long-Range Scopes and Optics
Huskemaw Customized BDC Turret

An elevation turret calibrated in yards from validated actual drop data shot in the field in a known environment.

Dual Stack 1-6 TAC RFBC Turret - Huskemaw Optics, LLC - Long-Range Scopes and Optics
Huskemaw Windage-Enabled Technology

Built into each customized Huskemaw BDC turret is patented wind compensation technology. The same turret will indicate where to hold for wind.

Huskemaw HuntSmart Reticle

Used in tandem with the Huskemaw BDC windage-enabled turret, each hash mark on the horizontal reticle is in MOA and represents a full wind value of 10 MPH. The Huskemaw turret will indicate what MOA hash mark to hold into the wind.

Huskemaw Rapid Field Ballistic Compensator (RFBC)

Huskemaw’s customized turret is the only BDC turret using patented wind compensation technology. Your rifle becomes the fastest and most accurate system for reliable long-range shooting.

Huskemaw TrueBC® Program

The patented online drop data collection process uses your rifle/caliber, your preferred bullet’s ballistic coefficient and load data, the elevation and temperature of where the data was collected and the anticipated temperature and elevation of your hunting area.

Included in the TrueBC program are a drop chart and range card you will print to take to the range to collect your data. The data will then be entered into the patented Huskemaw TrueBC program, which will verify and validate your data against actual data collected in the field in a known environment and proven mathematically.

How to maximize the Huskemaw Long-Range Advantage.

Mount your Huskemaw scope to an accurized rifle

  1. Visit
  2. If you experience technical issues with the BC calculator, please email us for help -
  3. Print range card (tutorial provided)
  4. Visit range, zero your rifle and shoot/collect data
  5. Choose either our single- or dual-stack turret
  6. Submit data using website, email or phone
  7. Huskemaw will burn your custom turret and ship it to you