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The four steps below will help you mount your optic and customize your turret so you can maximize The Huskemaw Advantage!

1. Mount Your Scope

Watch this informative video on how to mount your optic and maximize The Huskemaw Advantage!

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2. Collect Your Data - TrueBC® Calculator

Your optic come with a basic data collection turret. To unlock the full Huskemaw Advantage, collect your data for your custom turret. The BC Calculator will help you collect your data.

BC Calculator
Blue Diamond 4-16×42 Riflescope - Huskemaw Optics, LLC - Long-Range Scopes and Optics
3. Order Your Custom Turret

Huskemaw’s customized turret is the only BDC turret using patented wind compensation technology. Use the data from the range and BC Calculator to customize your turret.

Order Your Turret
Dual Stack 1-6 TAC RFBC Turret - Huskemaw Optics, LLC - Long-Range Scopes and Optics
4. Install Your Turret

Your turret will be shipped to you. This informative video will show you how to install your customized turret and stop ring after you've zeroed your rifle.

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Huskemaw's Tips for Success

Once you receive your customized Huskemaw turret(s), refer to your owner’s manual or the above video for simple instructions on installing and zeroing your new turret. Instructional videos are also available on The Best of the West YouTube channel.

Or, you can also send your rifle and scope to a Premier Best of the West Dealer, where our experts will test your rifle, collect the data, customize the turret, mount your new optic and test again to ensure maximum performance before returning it to you.

Your customized Huskemaw long-range turret will be accurate for plus or minus 2,000 feet and plus or minus 20 degrees. And with the Huskemaw dual-stack turret option, you’ll be covered from 1,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level and every temperature imaginable.

The lower numbers on the Huskemaw BDC turret will be in yards to known distance to target and the upper numbers the corresponding wind hold numbers using the MOA hash marks on your HuntSmart reticle for a 10 MPH full value wind.

Questions? Or, ready to send us your data and get your own custom Huskemaw turret? Contact us at contact@huskemawoptics.com or by calling (866) 754-7618.